Kai-Lin Jen


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Nutrition and Food Science






 3003 Science Hall

Selected Publications

120. Jen K-LC, Jamil H, Zhou K, Breejen K, Arnetz BB.  Sex differences and predictors of changes in body weight and noncommunicable diseases in a random, newly-arrived group of refugees followed for two years.  J Immigrant Minority Health, 2017, DOI 10.1007/s10903-017-0565-9.
121.  Yeh Y, Brogan K, Danford C, Jen K-LC. Effectiveness of nutrition intervention in a selected group of overweight and obese African American preschoolers. J Racial Ethnic Health Disparities, DOI: 10.1007/s40615-017-0399-0, 2017.
122. Hansen BC, Gografe S, Pritt S, Jen K-LC, McWhirter CA, Barman SM, Comuzzie A, Greene M, McNulty JA, Michele DE, Moaddab N, Nelson RJ, NorrisK, Uray KD, Banks R, Westlund KN, Yates BJ, Silverman J, Hansen KD, Redman B, Cate B.  Ensuring Due Process in the IACUC and Animal Welfare Setting: Considerations in Developing Noncompliance Policies and Procedures for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees and Institutional Officials.  FASEB J. fj.20161250R. Published online August 15, 2017.
123. Campbell-Voytal K, Hartlieb KB, Cunningham PB, Jacques-Tiura AJ, Ellis DA, Jen K-LC, Naar-King S.  African American adolescent-caregiver interactions in a weight loss trial.  J Child Family Studies, 27:835-842, 2018.

Courses taught

 NFS 3270/6270:  Eating Disorders and Body Weight Regulation, 3 credits, 3 credits

NFS 7240:  Nutritional Epidemiology, 3 credits 

NFS 7060:  Research Methods in Nutrition and Food Science, 2 credits

NFS 6000:  Nutritional Biochemistry, 3 credits

Research Description

Dr. Jen's research is in the area of induced obesity and diabetes, as well as maternal and infant nutrition. She has used a high-fat diet induced obesity animal model to investigate the effects of weight-cycling on body composition and diabetes risks. Dr. Jen is also conducting research examining how peri-natal over-nutrition affects postnatal growth, development and body weight regulation in rats. More recently she has been involved in studies examining the efficacy of treatment regimens in obese population.

Affiliated Departments