Finitely presented modules over the Steenrod algebra

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Robert Bruner

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Robert R. Bruner


We have a sage package which contains all the basic data types (and operations on them) needed to do computations with finitely presented modules over the Steenrod algebra (or a subalgebra of it): the objects are modules, their elements, and homomorphisms between them. The operations are kernel, cokernel, image, direct sum, etcetera. The existing code was written by Michael Catanzaro for his masters essay.

We need to bring it into compatibility with current versions of sage. Once that is accomplished, writing a test suite for it, and using it to do particular calculations of interest in algebraic topology, will be two further directions of work.


First, knowledge of abstract algebra and linear algebra sufficient to understand the main ideas in the project description. I will teach you the detailed knowledge needed.

Second, ability to learn to program in sage. This requires Python, but if you are comfortable with programming, you can learn the Python needed.

Project Timeline

Ongoing. If I ever get time, and no one has already done it, I will do these tasks myself.


programming, algorithm design, timing, code optimization, testing.

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April 10, 2014