Web interface for computer algebra system

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Robert Bruner

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Robert R. Bruner


I have a package of programs which calculate the cohomology of modules over the Steenrod algebra. Input and most output consists of text, with a little bit of pdf output. The tools are command line (Unix shell scripts and C programs).

I want to add a web interface. I have a very crude prototype that could quickly be improved to a minimal functional version. I have in mind a much more beautiful, graphical version as well, which I would love to see implemented.

The programs as they exist are useful to a number of people in the field, but with a good graphical interface, they would be much more widely used.


Knowledge of interactive web programming and Unix tools is essential. Some linear algebra and abstract algebra would help, but is not essential.

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Open ended.


web programming

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April 10, 2014