Molecular targets and anticancer drug discovery

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Qingping Dou

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Qingping Dou


The positions have been filled.

This lab has trained many undergraduate and graduate students. Currently there are three undergraduate students working in the lab two of whom have already had co-authored publications and one of whom has a co-authored manuscript.

I’d like to have one or two more undergraduate students to do research in my lab. Please contact me if you are interested by e-mailing me (tell me who you are, from which department, on which year, and how many hours you can commit doing research every week and your long-term goal, etc.).


Q. Ping Dou, Ph.D.
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Departments of Oncology, Pharmacology and Pathology
School of Medicine
Wayne State University
540.1 Hudson Webber Cancer Research Building
Mail code HW05AO
4100 John R Road
Detroit, MI 48201-2013
Tel: 313-576-8301 (Office); 313-576-8299 (Adm. Assistant); 313-576-8264, -8248, -8249 (Lab)
Fax: 313-576-8307 (Office); 313-576-8928 (Adm. Assistant)

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April 13, 2017