Epigenetic Regulation of Stem Cells and Cancer Cells

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Benjamin Kidder

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Benjamin Kidder


One of the research goals of the lab is to understand how stem cells pattern the epigenetic landscape in a way that facilitates unique expression programs throughout development. Investigating mechanisms of self-renewal and differentiation during mammalian development will ultimately contribute to our understanding of cellular fate decisions. Humans develop from a single fertilized egg into a complex organism with many cell types, each with its own distinct gene expression and epigenetic profile. These complex cellular states, when perturbed, can lead to disease or cancer. Our aim is to evaluate epigenetic states that define distinct cell types, investigate mechanisms of reprogramming and transdifferentiation, and develop approaches to transdifferentiate one cell type into another.


Students with prior research experience are preferred. Good understanding of cell biology or molecular biology.

Project Timeline

At least 2 semesters


Laboratory research, literature search, lab management, presentation at WSU's UROP conference

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August 17, 2022