Paul Burghardt

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Graduate Officer


 Dr. Burghardt investigates the overlapping biological systems that regulate motivation, mood, and metabolism. The general premise of his research is that the metabolic health of an individual will impact the way an individual interacts with and responds to rewarding and emotionally activating stimuli. For more information on this work, please visit

Selected Publications Dr. Burghardt's Publications

Courses taught

NFS2030 - Nutrition & Health

NFS2220 -  Nutrition Laboratory 

NFS3230 - Human Nutrition

NFS5170/7170 - Nutrition, Physical Activity, & the Brain

NFS7890 - Advanced Workshop, Central Regulation of Energy Balance


Research Description

The neurohormonal and behavioral correlates of obesity and weight-loss
The influence of aerobic capacity on mood, metabolism, motivation, and stress-system reactivity
Neuropeptide regulation of energy management and behavior

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