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Dr. Ulrike Klueh is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University and Entrepreneur with deep experience providing influential leadership in biomedical engineering teaching and research. Her expertise is in the diabetes technology field, focusing on the impact of inflammation and would healing as it pertains to the biofouling of implantable diabetes management devices. Dr. Klueh has had continous research funding since 2003. In addition, she has published 40+ studies and secured several mentee development awards and global patents.

Courses Taught

  • BME 5995 Special Topics: Fundamentals in Implant Technology: Principles and Limitations

Professional Affiliations

  • Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, University of Connecticut, School of Medicine, Farmington, CT


  • Uses of Artificial Tissues Containing Genetically Engineered Cells and Cell Support Systems to Enhance the Function of Implanted Materials and Devices (Co-Inventors: Klueh U, Dorsky DI, Kreutzer DL); Publication No.: 8,916,184 
  • Artificial Tissue Systems and Uses Thereof (Co-Inventors: Klueh U, Dorsky DI, Kreutzer, DL); Publication No. 9,247,910
  • Sensors, Cannulas, Collars and Coated Surgical Mesh, and Corresponding Systems and Methods (Co-Inventors: Klueh U, Kreutzer DL); Publication No. 9,717,583
  • Artificial tissue systems and uses thereof. European Patent No. 1689321 (04816945.2) Regional Phase of PCT Application PCT/US2004/037302 


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering, University of Connecticut, School of Medicine, Farmington, CT (2003)
  • Masters of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (2000)
  • Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology, Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedberg (University of Applied Science), Germany (1996)

Research Description

Role of inflammation and wound healing in controlling performance and function of implantable devices and biomaterials in vitro and in vivo
Biomarkes for clinical management of diabetic foot ulcers
Disparities and diabetes technology
Role of environmental pollutants and diabetes

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