Yu Yang

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"The reproductive science department at the Wayne State University is among the best research centers for reproductive medicine research in the U.S., and I am excited for the possibility to work with the renowned professors, well equipped research facilities, and excellent research environment. As mentioned in the website, I think the greatest strength of the program is in allowing the students a unique opportunity to obtain the Ph.D. degree in a clinical setting which complements my strengths perfectly. The research production, coupled with different kinds of advanced experimental techniques applied, clearly illustrates the strong research capacity of the university. With so many advantages and supports, both financially and technically, Wayne State University creates a situation where an idea could be smoothly transformed into practical experimentation, an ideal situation for an eager researcher. Ultimately, it would be my great honor to study in this community. I am also fascinated by experience and research interest of the faculty embers. In fall, 2011, the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic offered me a visiting scholar position to complete my master thesis; however, due to lack of funding resources I could not grab the opportunity."

Areas of Interest
Hypoxia (0.5% O2) induces trophoblast stem cell differentiation mediated by mechanisms involving mitochondria insufficiency and AMPK

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