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Nutrition and Food Science

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AAUP: Faculty Grievance Coordinator






 Room 3002 Science Hall


Dr. Khosla has been working on diet and lipoprotein metabolism for almost thirty years. After obtaining his BSc and MSc from Newcastle University in the UK and PhD from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, he did post-doctoral research at Brandeis University in the USA. Dr Khosla is the author of some 100 plus articles including original research, book chapters, reviews and commentaries. He has been involved in dietary-fat related research/education for several years and given over a hundred invited guest lectures and seminars in >30 countries. He has supervised 36 graduate students (PhD, MS and MA) and taught over eighty classes (11 different courses). Over the last few years, Dr Khosla’s laboratory has carried out studies in dialysis patients to look at the effects of various supplements (omega 3 fatty acids,  tocotrienols) on markers of inflammation, oxidative stress and blood lipids. He was the lead investigator on a multi-centered clinical trial involving various dialysis units in Michigan (Henry Ford, Great Lakes Dialysis, Davita) as well as Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)  and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), evaluating the effects of tocotrienol supplementation on lipid, inflammatory and oxidative stress markers. He is also involved in various collaborative studies looking at various aspects of diet on protein energy wasting (PEW) as well as renal nutrition education in dialysis patients. This work, in addition to UKM and UPM, involves collaborative centers in the Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

Selected Publications

Rahman, T., Khor, B.H., Sahathevan, S., Kaur, D., Latifi, E., Afroz, M., Mitali, E. J., Tashkandi, N., Begum, N. A. S., Kashem, T. S., Arefin, S. Ur Z., Daud, Z. A. M., Karupaiah, T., Rashid, H. Ur and Khosla, P. (2022) Protein Energy Wasting in a cohort of Maintenance hemodialysis patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nutrients, 14, 1469

Rahman, T., Ahmed, S., Kabir, Md., R., Akhtaruzzaman, M., Mitali, E. J., Rashid, H.-Ur Rashid, Daud, Z. A. M., Khor, B.H., Kaur, D., and Khosla, P. (2022) Provision of renal-specific nutrition knowledge for changing dietary practice in Bangladeshi hemodialysis patients. PEC Innovation, 1,

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Sulaheen, A., Khor, B-H., Balasubramaniam, G. V., Sahathevan, S., Chinna, K., Daud, Z. A. M., Khosla, P., Gafor, A.H.A. and Karupaiah, T. (2022) Benchmarking Diet Quality to Assess Nutritional Risk in Hemodialysis Patients: Applying Adequacy and Moderation Metrics of the hemodialysis-Healthy Eating Index. J Renal Nutr. (online)

Ahmed, S., Rahman, T., Ripon Md. S. H., Rashid, H.-Ur, Kashem, T., Ali, Md., S. M., Khor, B-H, Khosla, P., Karupaiah, T. and Daud, Z. M. A. (2021) A Food Frequency Questionnaire for Hemodialysis Patients in Bangladesh (BDHD-FFQ): Development and Validation. Nutrients 13,

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Khor, B-H, Tallman, D. A., Karupaiah, T., Khosla, P., Chan, M. and Kopple, J. D. (2021) Nutritional Adequacy of Animal-based and Plant-Based Asian Diets for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: A Modelling Study. Nutrients 13, 3341-3360.

Adanan, N. I. H., Adnan Md., W. A. H., Khosla, P., Karupaiah, T. and Daud, Z. M. A. (2021) Exploring the experiences and perceptions of hemodialysis patients observing Ramadan fasting: A Qualitative Study. BMC Nephrol. 22, 48-59

Khor, B-H., Sahathevan, S., Sulaheen, A., Ali, M.S.M., Narayanan, S. S., Chinna, K., Gafor, A.H.A, Goh, B-L., Ghazali, A., Morad, Z., Daud, Z.A.M., Khosla, P., Sundram, K. and Karupaiah, T.(2021) Circulating fatty acid profile are associated with protein energy wasting in maintenance hemodialysis patients: A cross sectional study. Sci. Rep. Int.11, 1416-1427

Md., Ali. M.S., Yeak, Z-W., Khor, B.-H., Sahathevan, S., Sulaheen, A., Lim, J.-H., Adanan, N.I.H., Gafor, A.H., Zakaria, N. F., Khosla, P., Karupaiah, T., Daud, Z. A. M. (2020) HD-FFQ to detect nutrient deficiencies and toxicities for a multiethnic Asian dialysis population. Nutrients, 12, 1585-1601:

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Lim, J.H., Chinna, K., Khosla, P., Karupaiah, T. and Daud, Z. A. M. (2020) Understanding how nutrition literacy links to dietary adherence in hemodialysis patients: A theoretical exploration using partial least squares structural adherence modeling population. Int. J. Env. Res. Health Prom. 17, 7479-7499

Khor, B.H., Sulaheen, A., Sahathevan, S., Chinna, K., Gafor, A. H. Bavanandan, S., Goh, B.L., Morad, Z., Daud, Z.A.M., Khosla, P., Yee-Moon, A.. W. and Karupaiah, T. (2020) Association of dietary patterns with serum phosphorus in maintenance hemodialysis patients, Sci. Rep. Int., 10, 12278

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Kaur, D., Tallman, D. A., and Khosla, P. (2020) The Health Effects of Saturated Fats – The Role of Whole foods and Dietary Patterns. Diabetes Metab. Syndr. 14: 151-153.

Courses taught

  • Previous courses taught in the department
  • NFS 2030 Nutrition and Health (10 semesters); NFS 3230 Human Nutrition (6 semesters); NFS 5230 Human Nutrition and Metabolism (28 semesters); NFS 6280 Physiology and Nutrition - for High School Science Teachers (3 semesters); NFS 6850 Controversial Issues (5 semesters); NFS7060 Research Problems (1 semester); NFS 7140 Advanced Lab techniques (1 semester), NFS 7890 Advanced Workshop on Lipid Metabolism (1 semester)

Research Description

We are interested in the role of specific dietary components on cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism. Current projects are focused on 1) dietary interventions to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation in patients undergoing hemodialysis 2) the effects of dietary fatty acids on plasma lipoprotein metabolism 3) the nutritional properties of palm oil and its constituents (carotenoids, tocotrienols)

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