The Detroit Reentry Photovoice Project & the Wayne County Wrongful Conviction Project

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Michelle Jacobs

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Michelle Jacobs


My research utilizes a participant action research method called photovoice to illuminate the reintegration experiences of formerly incarcerated people returning to metro-Detroit communities after serving long-term and life prison sentences. I provide formerly incarcerated metro-Detroiters with cameras and photo prompts to assist them with documenting, reflecting on, and raising awareness about their experiences of community integration. In addition to understanding community reentry from the perspectives of people experiencing it, this research aims to humanize people convicted of violent crimes and educate community stakeholders about returning citizens’ feelings of self-efficacy and experiences of belonging.

My second project will explore the experiences of currently incarcerated persons who claim they were wrongfully convicted in Wayne County, MI.


Some background in social science research methods; some understanding of racial inequalities. No research experience required. Justice-impacted students are highly encouraged to reach out! Students with photography experience are also encouraged to reach out!

Project Timeline

Jan 2024 - Dec 2024


attend 5 photovoice meetings; record notes at the meetings; code focus group interviews (and much, much more!)

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January 3, 2024