EU Borderveillance

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Faculty Researcher: Patricia McCormick

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Patricia K McCormick


This project examines the European Union’s use of drones on its Southern borders in the context of historical continuity as early mapping assisted in surveying colonies. To cartographically map a place enables the state to exert control over it, facilitating its exploitation. Images available through the use of drones and satellites likewise empower the state with information upon which it can choose how to respond, in this case, to migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Migrants can be rescued or pushed back to ports of origin. Thus, this project also explores the ways in which the EU has expanded its borders through agreements with Third Countries, such as Egypt and Libya, which monitor and detain migrants in exchange for aid.


This is a qualitative, interdisciplinary research project which employs the case study, drawing upon various documentation sources, including policy and legal documents from the EU, archival records, and other references. Therefore, I am seeking students who want to engage in both database research and contacting international organizations for information and interviews.

Project Timeline

This specific project is part of a long term research agenda that will also address the impact of climate change on human migration in the MENA region. Students are welcome to apply at any time and incorporate research concerned with racism and the rise of ethno-nationalism, state security, as well as climate change and human migration.


Database research using the WSU libraries, contacting various international organizations to secure documents and interviews.

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August 20, 2023