Investigating Protein Ubiquitination in Methamphetamine Use Disorder.

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Anna Moszczynska

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Anna Moszczynska


Protein ubiquitination regulates many processes in the brain. The goal of our laboratory is to determine the role a protein-ubiquitin ligase Parkin in addiction to a psychostimulant methamphetamine. We employ rat model of methamphetamine self-administration and a variety of molecular biology techniques, including electrophoresis, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, HPLC, proteomics, and enzymatic assays in our research. Parkin levels and function is manipulated by Parkin knockout or Parkin overexpression in the addiction circuitry. We are looking for students willing to assist with generation of rats addicted to methamphetamine and with laboratory techniques.


Completed integrated biology or chemistry course.
Basic knowledge of the central nervous system function.
Being comfortable interacting with rats.
Ability to work collaboratively within a team environment.
Contribute a minimum of 10 hours per week to the research.
Previous hands-on research experience is an asset.

Project Timeline

The project is ongoing.


Assist with generating animal model of methamphetamine addiction
Prepare solutions
Learn and perform SDS-PAGE and western blotting
Prepare weekly reports on research activities
Read literature relevant to the project
Attend lab meetings as scheduled

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December 11, 2021