Number Norms: English Style Guides and the Writing of Numerals, 1800-2000

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Faculty Researcher: Stephen Chrisomalis

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Stephen Chrisomalis


Style guides (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style) provide a valuable insight into attitudes and knowledge about language (metalanguage). This study will collect and code data from style guides published in the English-speaking world with a focus on the 19th and 20th centuries. Specifically, the project will look at guidelines for how numbers are to be written - e.g. 19th vs. nineteenth; 1000 vs. 1,000; four hundred and three vs. four hundred three.


Undergraduate majors in Anthropology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Communication are especially welcome to apply. Competency in Excel is desirable. Students who have taken ANT/LIN3310 (Language and Culture) will have first priority.

Project Timeline

Spring/Summer 2022 (possibly Fall 2022 also)


Collecting an archive of digitized style guides from the relevant period
Identifying relevant sections of style guides
Transcribing text and coding data
Total time: 5 hours per week minimum.

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October 25, 2021