Promoting Protective Policies to Reduce Violence in Schools

This project closes on September 28, 2025.

Faculty Researcher: Poco Kernsmith

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Meara MacWilliams


This project is funded by the CDC to reduce violence in schools. It is designed to work in partnership with schools across Michigan to evaluate policies to prevent and respond to violence or threats of violence. The project provides technical assistance to schools to revise policy or training to promote more consistent and equitable implementation of policies. The project is designed to develop policies that are trauma-informed and inclusive, to create safe learning environments while reducing suspensions and expulsions.


Research assistants will need to complete the online training on responsible conduct for research with human participants.

Project Timeline

This project is funded from September 2020 to September 2025. Data is currently being collected to inform the needs assessment with participating schools. Technical assistance and training options are being developed to share with schools based on needs and priorities of the schools.


Assistants would likely work approximately 10 hours per week. Tasks would be based on the learning goals of the student, but could include qualitative analysis of student and teacher focus groups, statistical analysis of survey data, preparation of written materials for data sharing with schools, or planning for trainings within schools.

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March 21, 2022