The Future of Political Competition

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Kevin Deegan-Krause

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Kevin Deegan-Krause


The project is an ongoing effort to improve and analyze data on political parties, governments and elections around the world, using the online data framework created by the Political Data Yearbook: Interactive. Students can explore the ways in which parties in different countries compete with one another, what those parties stand for and how the grow or shrink over time (and why).


Fluency with Microsoft Excel is essential. Familiarity with political developments in other countries is useful but not essentialThe

Project Timeline

This is an ongoing project that will deal with elections as they occur, gathering data and finding patterns. Student work could focus on the contemporary period or any time during the past 20 years. It could also focus on existing countries in the database or on preparing new countries for inclusion.


Data gathering and data analysis on political parties in many different countries. There are many different roles that students could fill.

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February 11, 2014