Description of Emergency Department Cases Seen By a Single Provider

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Faculty Researcher: James Paxton

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James H Paxton, MD


Retrospective chart review on patients who were seen in the emergency department (ED) at Sinai-Grace Hospital (SGH), Harper University Hospital (HUH), and Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) by Dr. Paxton over a five-Year period (2011-2016). The purpose of the project is to describe the type of cases that were seen by the provider, including details on the diagnoses made both in the ED and at the time of hospital discharge. It is believed that this kind of information could be helpful to new attending physicians who are completing emergency medicine residency, giving them a better sense of what kind of cases they should expect to diagnose and treat if they choose to work in an urban ED, like Detroit. The student will participate in data collection including chart review.


Candidates for this position should have an interest in medicine, and be willing to learn about the medical management of patients who are treated in the ED. Work can be done "off-line," during the student's free time, with occasional scheduled meetings with team members. Must complete specific research training modules online prior to starting work on the project, which will be provided by our research team. Must contact Dr. Paxton at least 2 months in advance of anticipated start date in order to complete all paperwork for the IRB approval and basic research skills training.

Project Timeline

2017-2018 academic year, although start date will be up to the individual student.


Student researcher will collaborate with other research staff to review patient charts and collect data pertaining to the patient's management in the ED, focusing primarily on the diagnosis and management of the patient. This will require access to the electronic medical record, which will be facilitated by the research staff. Students are expected to safeguard patient privacy and will be fully trained in basic research skills and how to review charts by members of the research team.

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January 24, 2018