Community Health Pipeline

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Faculty Researcher: Noel Kulik

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Noel Kulik


Interested in being part of a project related to food systems and community health? Looking for undergraduate students to assist with all phases of this project - from working out in the community at organizations, to supporting youth, program planners and researchers to grow this project from the ground up. The purpose of the WSU Community Health Pipeline is to create youth leaders and empowered agents of change in the areas of food systems, health equity and food access. We aim to formalize relationships among organizations in Detroit, leverage ongoing and existing resources in the city, train youth leaders to address community problems using an action framework and participatory approach, support youth in post-secondary opportunities and address the lack of diversity in the community health profession.


Assist with programming, data collection, organizing. This project is very hands on. You would be a part of a large research and programming team.

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November 29, 2017