Hypothalamic control of glucose metabolism and energy balance

This is an ongoing project.

Faculty Researcher: Marianna Sadagurski

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Marianna Sadagurski


We are a neuroendocrinology laboratory, located in the new IBio building. Our laboratory is focusing on the role of nutrient-sensing neurons in the brain, and specifically in the hypothalamus in regulation of energy balance, satiety signals and glucose metabolism. We employ state-of the art novel techniques in neuroscience and whole-body metabolism to address the role of defined neuronal populations in body homeostasis and obesity.


Previous experience in biology lab techniques, ability to work with animals (mice).
Classes: Human physiology, genetics.
Interest in neuroscience and animal physiology

Project Timeline

Project start: May-June 2017
Students will need to commit for at least 2 full semesters (including summer).


We require at least 8-10h/week.
Students will be trained and assist in immunostaining procedures. Animals feeding, glucose measures.

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April 20, 2017