Ronald Brown

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656 West Kirby 2013 Faculty Administration Building

Selected Publications

 Ronald E. Brown, R. Khari Brown, and Aaron Blasé, “Religion and Military Policy Attitudes in America”, Review of Religious Research, 2013, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp.573- 595.

R. Khari Brown and Ronald E, Brown, Race, Ethnicity and Partisan Leaning, Review of Religious Research, Review of Religious Research, Vol 57, no. 4. Pp. 469-505, December 2015.

Ronald E. Brown, R. Khari Brown, James S. Jackson, and Davin Phoenix, “Race, Religion and Anti-Poverty Attitudes, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, SR-OA- 08-2014-187.R1, accepted for publication, 2016.

R. Khari Brown, Ronald E. Brown, Race, Religion and Immigration Policy Attitudes,
Race and Social Problems, (RASP-D-16-00026R1), accepted for publication, 2017.

Courses taught

 1. Undergraduate: American Government, American Government for APEX Students, Detroit Politics, Religion and Politics, African American Politics

2. Study Abroad, Honors College and Political Science, African Democracy Project, Ghana, 2012

3. Graduate: Independent Readings and Directed Studies

4. Citizen Detroit, undergraduate student civic engagement with Detroit voters 


Research Description

Professor Brown teaches classes in African-American Politics, Parties and Elections, Public Opinion and in American Politics. His publications include "The Effects of Religious Messages on Racial Identity and System Blame Among African Americans" (Journal of Politics, 1995) "Political Action" in James S. Jackson's Life in Black America (Sage, 1991), "Severity of Conditions, Racial Identification and Voting Among the Black Elderly (with R. Nacoste) in Roles and Resources of the Black Elderly , and "Racial Belief Systems, Religious Guidance, and African American Political Participation" (with Dawson and Allen) in The National Political Science Review. Professor Brown's current research is in the area of racial differences, and the influence of age and social learning on perceptions of African American political influence. Professor Brown was awarded the Probus Club Academic Achievement Award for Social Sciences and Humanities in 1994.

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