Zachary Brewster

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor


2272 Faculty Administration Building

Selected Publications

Brewster, Zachary W. and Jonathan R. Brauer. 2017. “Tableside Justice: Racial Differences in Retributive Reactions to Dissatisfaction.”

        Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, DOI: 10.1177/2332649216683966.

Brewster, Zachary W. and Jonathan R. Brauer. 2016. “Different Service, Same Experience: Documenting the Subtlety of Modern Racial

        Discrimination in U.S. Restaurants.” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, DOI: 10.1177/1938965516650032.

Brewster, Zachary W., Jonathan R. Brauer, and Michael Lynn. 2015. “Economic Motivations and Moral Controls Regulating Discrimination against

       Black and Hispanic Diners.” The Sociological Quarterly 56(3): 506-538.

Brewster, Zachary W. 2015. “Perceptions of Intergroup Tipping Differences, Discriminatory Service, and Tip Earnings among Restaurant Servers.”

       International Journal of Hospitality Management 46: 15-25.

Research Description

Work and organizations, medical sociology, race and ethnicity, everyday racism/discrimination, inequality and social stratification, and the scholarship of teaching and learning

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