Lisabeth Hock

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Academic Director


Office of International Programs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures


 457 Manoogian Hall






Lisabeth Hock is an associate professor of German in the Department of Classical and Modern Languges, Literatures and Cultures and director of the Junior Year in Munich Program. She has also designed humanities-based courses for and taught in gender, sexuality and women's studies and global studies. Her research focuses on intersections of gender and medicine, intersetions of gender and race and the scholarhip of teaching and learning.


Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1998

M.A., University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1991

B.A., with distinction University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas, 1987

Selected publications

  •  Co-Curator with Nicole Coleman of a Special Issue on “Teaching German Studies in a Global Context.” Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 52.2 (Fall 2019). Includes coauthorship of Introduction (124-129).
  • Article together with Layla Saatchi: “Crossing Borders, Crossing Disciplines. Ali and Nino in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom.” Approaches to Kurban Said’s Ali and Nino. Ed. Carl Niekerk and Cori Crane. Camden House. 2017
  • “Evolutionary Theory and the Female Scientist in Wilhelmine von Hillern’s Ein Arzt der Seele (1869). The German Studies Review 37.3 (October 2014): 507-527.
  • A Provocation to Listen to and Give Voice to Difference.” The Women in German Yearbook 30 (2014): 175-185.
  • “The Gender of Melancholy in Nineteenth-Century German Psychiatry.” The History of Psychiatry. 22.4 (December 2011) 449-465.

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Research Description

INTERDISCIPLINARY WORK (German+Natural Science, German + Social Science, German+Business, German+Arts, German+Premed), GERMAN STUDIES, GENDER STUDIES, EMOTION STUDIES

My research focuses on German Literature, the nineteenth century, and discourses on melancholy and emotion in general. I am also working my way into digital humanities.

I am available to work with students and advisors in other departments on interdisciplinary projects.

As German undergraduate advisor, I am particularly eager to work with all students who want to conduct research or do a capstone project related to an internship while taking part in our Junior Year in Munich program. Among students who will be participating in the JYM program in 2014-15 are:
*a Theater/German major whose project involves methods of performance training in contemporary German theater
*a biochemistry/German major working on the practice of complementary alternative medicine in Germany
*a chemistry/German major focusing on the comparison of laboratory culture in Germany and the United States.

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