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In May 2022, I retired after 36 years as professor of economics at Wayne State University, former chair of the department, and director of graduate studies. I specialize in health economics and housing economics, and I have published over 80 articles and 4 books. I have had three R01 grants funded as PI (one from NIAAA and two from NIDA). I served on the NIDA-F Health Services Review Committee from 2006 through 2010. I was lead author on the 2008 Michigan Stem Cell Economics Study. I am co-author of the leading health economics text, The Economics of Health and Health Care, now in its ninth edition. Maia Platt of UD Mercy and I published Teaching Health Economics: Best Practices in 2021

I began my teaching career at Lawrence University (Wisconsin) in 1975, and moved to The Johns Hopkins University in 1978, as a research scientist and professor of political economy (economics). In 1986 I was appointed associate professor of economics at Wayne State University, and I was promoted to professor and appointed department chair in Fall 1988, serving until August 1996.

After beginning my career in the urban economics field, I have conducted cost analysis on substance abuse treatment field for 30 years and on cancer screening for over 20 years. I have also established the health economics field at WayneState, and headed one of the most successful health economics graduate programs in the nation.  Since 1982, I have served as dissertation supervisor for 35 students, and I have served as an adviser on at least that many other committees.

Mentoring activities include teaching, student advising of all graduate students, finding on-campus jobs, assistantships, and post-docs, as well as placing students in positions after they have received their Ph.D. degrees.

Selected Publications

Since 2010

  • Residential Mortgage Default: Theory Works and So Does  Policy,” (with Brent C. Smith), Journal of Housing  Economics 19 (2010): 280-294
  • Health Economics – Methods for a New Field,” in Hoyt,  Gail M. and KimMarie McGoldrick, Editors, International  Handbook on Teaching and Learning in Economics,  Aldershott: Edward Elgar Press, 2011: 556-564
  • "Housing Demand,” in Andrew T. Carswell, Editor,  The Encyclopedia of Housing, Second Edition, Thousand  Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, June 2012: 355-358
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  • “Percutaneous Cryoablation of Metastatic Renal Cell  Carcinoma for Local Tumor Control: Feasibility, Outcomes  and Estimated Cost-effectiveness for Palliation,” (Hyun J.  Bang, Peter J. Littrup, Dylan J. Goodrich, Brandt P. Currier,  Hussein D. Aoun, Lance K. Heilbrun, Ulka Vaishampayan,  Barbara Adam, Allen C. Goodman), Journal of Vascular  and Interventional Radiology 23 (2012): 770-777
  •  “Percutaneous Cryoablation of Metastatic Lesions from  Colorectal Cancer: Efficacy and Feasibility with Survival  and Cost-effectiveness Observations,” (Hyun J. Bang,   Peter J. Littrup, Brandt P. Currier, Dylan J. Goodrich,  Minsig Choi, Lance K. Heilbrun, Allen C. Goodman), ISRN  Minimally Invasive Surgery, vol. 2012, Article ID 942364,  10 pages, 2012. doi:10.5402/2012/942364
  • “Is there an S in Housing Supply … or What on Earth Happened in Detroit?” Journal of Housing  Economics 22 (2013): 79-91
  • “Relationship between Urban Land Price and Housing Price:  Evidence from 21 Provincial Capitals in  China,” (Haizhen  Wen and Allen C. Goodman), Habitat International 40  (2013): 9-17
  • “A Few Goodmen: Surname-Sharing Economist Coauthors,”  (Goodman, Allen C., Joshua Goodman, Lucas Goodman and   Sarena Goodman), Economic Inquiry 53 (2) (April 2015):  1392-1395, (ISSN 0095-2583) doi:10.1111/ecin.12167  © 2014 Western Economic Association International.
  • “Patient Education and Follow-up as an Intervention for Hypertensive Patients Discharged from an Emergency   Department: A Randomized Control Trial Study Protocol.”  (Gleason-Comstock, Julie, Alicia Streater, Joel Ager,  Allen Goodman, Aaron Brody, Laura Kivell, Aniruddha  Paranjpe, Jasmine Vickers, LynnMarie Mango, Rachelle  Dawood, and Phillip Levy), BMC Emergency Medicine,  (2015) 15:38 DOI 10.1186/s12873-015-0052-3
  • The Economics of Health and Health Care 8th Edition (Sherman Folland, Allen C. Goodman, Miron Stano), Routledge, 2017
  • “Screening and Treatment for Subclinical Hypertensive Heart Disease in Emergency Department Patients With Uncontrolled  Blood Pressure: A Cost Effectiveness Analysis” (Michael Twiner,  Phillip Levy, Allen C. Goodman et al.), Academic Emergency   Medicine.
  • “Location of Health Professionals: The Supply Side,” (with Brent C. Smith), Regional Science and Urban Economics 68 (2018): 148-159
  • "Building an International Health Economics Teaching Network,” (Emma Frew, Heather Brown, Allen C. Goodman, Maia Platt, Elizabeth Seidler, Joanne Spetz, Di McIntyre), Health Economics 27 (2018): 919-922
  • "Distortions in a Segment of the Commercial Office Market: The Case of Medical Office Buildings," (with Brent C. Smith), Journal of Property Research, 2020
  • “Medical Service Quality and Office Rent Premiums: Reputation Spillovers”, (with Brent C. Smith), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics,, 2021
  • Teaching Health Economics: Best Practices (with Maia Platt), Edward Elgar, 2021
  •  “Lessons from the Fields.” Journal of Economic Education, 53 (2) 2022,


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Health economics and health policy.
Urban economics and urban policy

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