Stephen Krawetz

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Associate Director, Academic

Office Address

C.S. Mott Center
275 E. Hancock



Position Title

Charlotte B. Failing Professor of Fetal Therapy & Diagnosis Department of Ob/Gyn

Joint Appointments

Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics

Narrative Bio

Dr. Krawetz will consider new MS and PhD students for the 2020-21 academic year.

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Research Description

My program is focused on understanding how the delivery of sperm RNAs at fertilization contributes to the life course of a healthy child. As a system, sperm have pushed us to develop a series of whole-genome analysis tools to objectively assess fertility status as a bellwether of disease. As we have translated this technology to the clinic, we have helped shape public policy to appreciate the impact of the environment on the father's contribution to the child.

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