Michele Cote

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 Dr. Cote is a Professor in the Department of Oncology at Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Associate Center Director for Education at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. The focus of her research is the intersection of molecular epidemiology and health disparities. Specifically, she is interested in examining genetic and molecular factors in breast and female cancers that impact disease occurrence or prognosis in underserved populations. Extending from her dissertation work and time spent at a state department of health, she is also interested in lung cancer prevention, with a focus on tobacco cessation in cancer patients and promotion of lung cancer screening in the primary care community.



Wayne State School Of Medicine Oncology

Research Description

I am a cancer epidemiologist with expertise in descriptive and molecular epidemiology. My research interests focus on the intersection of health disparities and tumor biology. My current work is in gynecologic cancers, breast and lung cancer.

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