Li Li


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Elliman, Room 2146, 421 E. Canfield,Detroit, MI 48201

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The research program in Dr. Li Li’s laboratory is centered on molecular mechanisms of the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases including aortic aneurysms, Marfan syndrome and atherosclerosis. The ultimate goal of our research is to discover biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of aneurysm dissection and rupture. We recently generated a new mouse aneurysm rupture model that contains a FBN1 mutation found in Marfan patients. Our current research focus on the discovery of key signal pathways in regulating transcription regulatory network in response to FBN1 mutation and metabolic stress. We are particularly interested in molecular mechanisms of defective ECM-cytoskeleton interaction in inflammation, oxidative stress and osteochondrogenesis during the pathogenesis of vascular diseases using tissue culture and mouse aneurysm models.

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