Shirin Montazer

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Associate Professor






 2270 F/AB, 656 W. Kirby St.

Selected publications

2022. Montazer, Shirin. "Immigration, Homeownership, and Mental Health." Socius: Sociological Research for  Dynamic World.

2022. Montazer, Shirin, Krista M. Brumley, Laura Pineault, Katheryn Maguire, Boris Baltes. "COVID-19 Onset, Parental Status, and Psychological Distress among Full-time Employed Heterosexual Adults in Dual-earning Relationships: The Explanatory Role of Work-family Conflict and Guilt" Society and Mental Health

2021. Brumley, M. Krista, Katheryn Maguire, Shirin Montazer. “The Paradox of Time: Work, family, conflict, and the social construction of time.” Sociological Focus 54: 310-330

2020. Montazer, Shirin and Marisa Young. “Commuting Distance and Work-to-Family Conflict: The Moderating Role of Residential Attributes." Social Currents 7:231-251.

2020. Montazer, Shirin, Krista Brumley, Katheryn Maguire. “Overnight Work-Travel, Work-to-Family Conflict, and Psychological Distress.” The Social Science Journal,

2020. Young, Marisa, Shirin Montazer, Diana Singh. “The Consequences of Living in Childcare Deserts: Evidence from Canada.” Canadian Review of Sociology 57: 550-578

2019. Montazer, Shirin. “Immigration, Visible-minority status, Gender, and Depression.” Society and Mental Health 10:218-236. 

2018. Montazer, Shirin. "Disentangling the Effects of Primary and Secondary International Migration on Psychological Distress: The role of Mastery.” Canadian Journal of Public Health 109: 284-293

2018. Young, Marisa and Shirin Montazer. “Neighborhood Effects on Immigrants’ Experiences of Work-Family Conflict and Psychological Distress.” Society and Mental Health 8:25-49.

2017. Montazer, Shirin and Marisa Young. “Level of Economic Development of the Country of Origin and Work-to- Family Conflict after Migration to CanadaSocial Science Research 63:263-276

2017. Montazer, Shirin and Blair Wheaton. "Economic Conditions in Countries of Origin and Trajectories in Distress after Migration to Canada: Results from the National Population Health Survey." Society and Mental Health 7: 1-20.

2011. Montazer, Shirin and Blair Wheaton. 2011. "The Impact of Generation and Country of Origin on the Mental Health of Children of Immigrants" Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52: 23-42.


Research Description

Dr. Montazer received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University Of Toronto, Canada. Her reserach examines the effect of immigration on a number of mental and social outcomes with time in the host country.  She is currently working on a number of quantitative papers that explore immigrant mental health, and the experience of work-to-family conflict.  Her work appears in such journals as the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Society and Mental Health, and Social Science Research.

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