Shirin Montazer

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 2270 F/AB, 656 W. Kirby St.

Selected Publications

2022. Montazer, Shirin. "Immigration, Homeownership, and Mental Health." Socius: Sociological Research for  Dynamic World.

2022. Montazer, Shirin, Krista M. Brumley, Laura Pineault, Katheryn Maguire, Boris Baltes. "COVID-19 Onset, Parental Status, and Psychological Distress among Full-time Employed Heterosexual Adults in Dual-earning Relationships: The Explanatory Role of Work-family Conflict and Guilt" Society and Mental Health

2021. Brumley, M. Krista, Katheryn Maguire, Shirin Montazer. “The Paradox of Time: Work, family, conflict, and the social construction of time.” Sociological Focus 54: 310-330

2021. Cook, Steven, Hayley Hamilton, Shirin Montazer, Luke Sloan, Christine M. Wickens, Amy Cheung, Angela Boak, and Robern Mann. “Increases in Psychological Distress among Ontario Students between 2013 and 2017: Assessing the Impact of Time Spent on Social Media.” Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 66: 747-756

2020. Montazer, Shirin and Marisa Young. “Commuting Distance and Work-to-Family Conflict: The Moderating Role of Residential Attributes." Social Currents 7:231-251.

2020. Montazer, Shirin, Krista Brumley, Katheryn Maguire. “Overnight Work-Travel, Work-to-Family Conflict, and Psychological Distress.” The Social Science Journal,

2020. Young, Marisa, Shirin Montazer, Diana Singh. “The Consequences of Living in Childcare Deserts: Evidence from Canada.” Canadian Review of Sociology 57: 550-578

2019. Montazer, Shirin. “Immigration, Visible-minority status, Gender, and Depression.” Society and Mental Health 10:218-236. 

2018. Montazer, Shirin. "Disentangling the Effects of Primary and Secondary International Migration on Psychological Distress: The role of Mastery.” Canadian Journal of Public Health 109: 284-293

2018. Young, Marisa and Shirin Montazer. “Neighborhood Effects on Immigrants’ Experiences of Work-Family Conflict and Psychological Distress.” Society and Mental Health 8:25-49.

2017. Montazer, Shirin and Marisa Young. “Level of Economic Development of the Country of Origin and Work-to- Family Conflict after Migration to CanadaSocial Science Research 63:263-276

 2011. Montazer, Shirin and Blair Wheaton. 2011. "The Impact of Generation and Country of Origin on the Mental Health of Children of Immigrants" Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52: 23-42.


Courses taught

 SOC3220; SOC2100; SOC2210; SOC2000; SOC4220; SOC5360; SOC7770; SOC6280; SOC4205; SOC7780

Research Description

Dr. Montazer received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University Of Toronto, Canada. Her reserach examines the effect of immigration on a number of mental and social outcomes with time in the host country.  She is currently working on a number of quantitative papers that explore immigrant mental health, and the experience of work-to-family conflict.  Her work appears in such journals as the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Society and Mental Health, and Social Science Research.

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