Shane Perrine

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Associate Professor

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Associate Professor

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IBio 6135 Woodward Ave, Suite 3119
Detroit, MI 48201

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Education Training

West Virginia Institute of Technology
Montgomery, WV 25136

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences
College of Science, Department of Biological Sciences
Marshall University

Ph.D. candidate, Pharmacology.
Department of Pharmacology
Marshall University School of Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy, Pharmacology
Department of Neurobiology and Pharmacology
Kent State University in association with
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

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Research Description

The preclinical research is focused on understanding the neuronal underpinnings that drive maladaptive behaviors that occur during drug abstinence. We study the enduring effects of psychostimulants, particularly MDMA (Ecstasy), using behavioral tests and models, traditional molecular techniques such as immunoblotting, and advanced MR neuroimaging modalities including proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and manganese-enhanced MRI. A second line of research interest includes the use of a rodent model of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to study comorbid drug abuse and PTSD.

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