Silvia Giorgini-Althoen

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor - Teaching


Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Secondary Title

Associate Professor of Teaching




307 Manoogian Hall

Selected Publications

Giorgini-Althoen, Silvia. "Bridging Cultures Across Borders: Intercultural Engagement through a Virtual Collaborative Project". The FLTMAG, 24 January, 2022,


Courses taught

ITA 1010

ITA 1020

ITA 2010

ITA 2991

ITA 3030

ITA 3100

ITA 3200

ITA 3300

ITA 4610

ITA 4620

ITA 5150

ITA 5200

ITA 5570

Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

VoiceThread Certified Educator

EdPuzzle Coach

Certified Plida Examiner for Dante Alighieri Society-Michigan Chapter

SAT Italian Development Committee Member

AP Italian Language and Culture Question Leader




Research Description

Second Language Acquisition

Affiliated Departments