Annmarie Wurm

KickStart Study (ongoing)

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Research Description

I am interested in emotion regulation and intimacy processes in couples facing physical and mental health problems with the long-term goal of developing interventions aimed at improving couples' individual and relationship health and well-being. I am particularly interested in how self-disclosure of anxiety as well as the delivery of emotional validation and empathy affects pain adjustment and mental health in couples facing chronic pain. To this end, I have conducted several studies in pain clinic and community samples using multiple methods (i.e., questionnaires, interviews, observation) to assess interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and affective dimensions of couples' chronic pain experiences. I am also collaborating with colleagues to study these processes in parents and their children with health problems (i.e., children with poor metabolic control, children with chronic pain). Over the next several years, I will be building on our longitudinal and observational research findings by developing and testing an intervention aimed at emotion regulation processes in couples and families with chronic illness.

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