Sarah Brownlee

Faculty Profile

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Courses taught

GEL 3160 - Petrology, 4 credits, Winter 2018

GEL 5210 - Applied Geophysics, 4 credits, Fall 2016

GEL 3600 - Team Research, 2 credits, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

GEL 1010 - Science of the Earth, 4 credits, Winter 2016

GEL 3300 - Structural Geology, 4 credits, Winter 2016, Winter 2017

Research Description

My research combines mineralogy, geochemistry, and geophysics to better understand the composition, structure, and deformation processes in the middle and lower continental crust. I am mainly interested in understanding the root causes of seismic anisotropy in crustal materials.

I am also interested in geochrolonology, and am currently studying the mechanisms of radon loss from minerals commonly used for U-Pb geochronology in an effort to understand the potential for Rn-222 loss to cause discordance between the different U-Pb systems.

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