Brady Baybeck

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor


2067 FAB, 656 West Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202

Selected Publications

 Kimball, David C., Martha Kropf, Donald P. Moynihan, Carol Silva and Brady Baybeck. 2013. “The Policy Views of Partisan Election Officials.” UC Irvine Law Review 3: 551 – 574.

Kimball, David, and Brady Baybeck. 2013. “Are all Jurisdictions Equal? Size Disparity in Election Administration.” Election Law Journal 12(2): 130 – 145.

Courses taught

PS 5630, Statistical and Data Analysis in Political Science, 4 cr.

PS 7330, Public Budgeting & Finance, 3 cr.

PS 8600, Philosophic Problems of Social and Political Inquiry, 3 cr.

Research Description

Political geography; election administration; urban public policy; public administration

Affiliated Departments