Ryan Fanselow

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor - Teaching




 5057 Woodward Ave

12th Floor/ Philosophy Department

Rm. 12205.62

Selected Publications

 “Self-Evidence and Disagreement in Ethics” Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 5 (2011).

Courses taught

PHI 1100: Contemporary Moral Issues (Fall 2014)

 PHI 1120: Professional Ethics (Fall 2012 - Present)

PHI 1200: Life & Death (Fall 2016, Winter 2016)

PHI 2320: Introduction to Ethics (Winter 2013, Fall 2013, & Winter 2015)

PHI 7840: Seminar in Ethics (Fall 2015)



Research Description

Much of my research focuses on the question of when we are justified in believing a moral claim. My dissertation addresses the role that intuitions play in moral judgment. More recent work has focused on the social aspects of moral reasoning, including how one ought to weigh disagreement and whether or not two people who reason flawlessly about morality could come to hold incompatible moral views. In the near future, I will be presenting some conference papers on sexual ethics.

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