Hengguang Li


Faculty Profile

12mth Department Chair




1150 Faculty/Administration Building
Department of Mathematics
Wayne State University

Courses taught

MAT 7999 Master’s Essay Direction
MAT 7990 Directed Study
MAT 7240 Advanced Partial Differential Equations
MAT 7230 Finite Element Methods
MAT 7220 Advanced Numerical Analysis
MAT 5990 Directed Study
MAT 5700 Introduction to Probability Theory
MAT 5100 Numerical Methods I
MAT 5070 Elementary Analysis
MAT 2350 Elementary Differential Equations
MAT 2250 Linear Algebra
MAT 2030 Calculus III
MAT 2020 Calculus II
MAT 2010 Calculus I



Research Description

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, and Scientific Computing

Theories and Numerical Methods for PDEs, Especially with Singularities

Fast Numerical Solvers for Large Systems of Equations

Finite Element Methods, Multigrid Methods, and Generalized Finite Element Methods

Affiliated Departments