Young Hoon Ahn

Faculty Profile

SS-9M Extrnl/NonInstr Addl






Chem 421

Selected Publications

Samarasinghe, K. T. G., Munkanatta Godage, D. N. P., Zhou, Y., Ndombera, F. T., Weerapana, E., Ahn, Y. H.* Clickable Glutathione Approach for Identification of Protein Glutathionylation in Response to Glucose Metabolism. Mol. Biosyst. 2016, In Press.

Ndombera, F. T., VanHecke, G. C., Nagi, S., Ahn, Y. H.* Carbohydrate-based Inducers of Cellular Stress for Targeting Cancer Cells. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 201626, 1452-1456.

Samarasinghe, K. T. G., Ahn, Y. H.* Synthesizing Clickable Glutathione by Glutathione Synthetase Mutant for Detecting Protein Glutathionylation. SynLett. 201526, 285-293.

Samarasinghe, K. T. G., Munkanatta Godage, D. N. P., VanHecke, G. C., Ahn, Y. H.* Metabolic Synthesis of Clickable Glutathione for Chemoselective Detection of Glutathionylation. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014136, 11566-11569.

Zhang, Y., Naidu, S. D., Samarasinghe, K. T. G., VanHecke, G. C., Pheely, A., Boronina, T. N., Cole, R. N., Benjamin, I. B., Cole, P. A., Ahn, Y. H.*, Dinkova-Kostova, A. T.* Inhibition of HSP90 by sulfhydryl-reactive sulfoxythiocarbamates. Brit. J. Cancer. 2014110, 71-82. 




Courses taught

CHM 1030   Survey of Organic/Biochemistry, 4 credit hours   W2016
CHM 6270/7270   Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry and Drug Design, 3 credit hours   F2016

Research Description

Chemical biology for understanding protein Cys modification in oxidative stress and cytoprotection

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