Thomas Killion

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor



Secondary Title

Former Department Chair






Museum Office 1204 Old Main

Anthropology Office 3029 FAB

Selected Publications

  • 2019 Mounds, Towns and their Surrounds: Archaeological, Historical and Geophysical Approaches to the Springwells Mound Group, Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit (with Thomas Urban and James Conway) Journal of Field Archaeology, 44 (6): 383-400
  • 2017 Review of Agricultural Beginnings in the American Southwest. by Barbara J. Roth. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield (2016), American Anthropologist Volume 119 (4): 775-776
  • 2014 (published in 2020) Springwells, Historic Fort Wayne and The War of 1812 in Southeast Michigan: Exploring Detroit’s Past in War and Peace (with Kat Slocum and Terri Renaud) Michigan Archaeologist, Volume 59: 73-99
  • 2013 “Non Agricultural Cultivation and Social Complexity: The Olmec, Their Ancestors, and Mexico’s Southern Gulf Coast Lowlands” Current Anthropology Volume 54, Number 5 pp. 1-39
  • 2008 “Social, political and economic factors in Classic Period Settlement ACE 750-900, Veracruz, Mexico,” with Javier Urcid In The Dumbarton Oaks Conference on the Archaeology of Veracruz, edited by Chritopher Pool and Plillip Arnold, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC. pp. 259-291
  • 2008 Opening Archeology: Repatriation’s Impact on Method and Theory, edited by Thomas W. Killion, School of American Research Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 1992 Gardens of Prehistory: Analytical Approaches to Settlement Agriculture in Greater Mesoamerica, edited by T. W. Killion, University of Alabama Press. (334 pp.)

Courses taught

  • Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations (gen ed)
  • Archaeological Concepts and Techniques
  • Archaeological Field Methods (fieldwork in the Americas)
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Archaeological Laboratory Methods
  • Ancient Mesoamerica
  • Native Americans of North America (gen ed)
  • Capstone for anthropology majors (winter semesters)
  • Anthropology of War (seminar; fall semester, occasionally)
  • Hunters and Gardeners (seminar winter semester, occasionally)
  • Landscape Archaeology (seminar; winter semester, occasionally)

Research Description

Mesoamerican Archaeology; Landscape Archaeology; Ethnoarchaeology; Historical Archaeology; Mexico and Central America; Valencia, Spain; Detroit and southeastern Michigan

Affiliated Departments